French Champagne Uncorked

French Champagne Uncorked


New Year’s Eve – a time to reflect on the previous year and welcome a brand new one. And what better way to toast to new and shiny year than with a bit of something sparkly?

For French enthusiasts, such as yours truly, New Year’s is the perfect time to indulge in a classic French treat – Champagne! Although sparkling wine has been a favorite of mine for years, it wasn’t until my recent trip to the Champagne region in France (Reims and Epernay) that I began to appreciate the rich history and sophistication behind the bubbly beverage. There’s something about the taste, smell, and light, airy texture of French Champagne that makes it distinct from its Italian and Spanish cousins (Proseco and Cava), although I wouldn’t turn down a glass of those either.

Whether it’s Moet, Mercier, or the grandfather of all Champagne – Dom Perignon – it’s hard to pick a bad French Champagne. But if you are truly looking to impress your guests by ringing in the New Year with France’s finest, uncork one of these Top 10 French Champagnes.

Ciao and Happy New Year!


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