Dreaming of Italy, One Cafe at a Time

One of the things I miss most about France and Italy is the amazing coffee or cafe. Americans may have a Starbucks on every other corner, but there’s nothing like sipping a creamy and slightly sweet cafe latte while overlooking the coastal waters in Positano, watching the boats pull into port. Like the food, coffee just seems to taste better in Italy and France.

Although it’s nearly impossible to recreate the Italian or French Riviera vacation feeling when you’re rushing through breakfast before work, you can make your coffee (and morning) a little dreamier with a few minor tweaks….courtesy of our Italian friends.

Try one of the creations below then swirl…sip…and sigh.

Italy is the benchmark for great coffee, and these 15 original (mostly Italian) variations will change the way you drink your morning brew!

Source: 15 ways to drink coffee that will change your mornings forever

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