Royal Ascot: High Stakes and Style

Royal Ascot: High Stakes and Style

Royal Ascot

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Tomorrow begins Royal Ascot – the 5-day British spectacle, known as much for its top racehorses as it is for its sophisticated, and sometimes over-the-top, fashion. A mainstay in the British Royal calendar, Royal Ascot represents one of the most well-known sporting events in the world and one of the best dressed audiences. Very few sporting events go to as great of lengths to enforce or strongly encourage a “fancy” dress code for onlookers.

But the dress code does more than provide clarity for those attending the famous racing event. It also helps differentiate the race and attendees’ from other standard races. And where you perch for the races utimately dictates what you are expected to wear.  For instance, those viewing the races from the Royal Enclosure are expected to dress one way, while those in the Grandstand another.

Although the dress code has not changed drastially in decades, race-goers often need reminders about what is and is not acceptable for raceday. The venue has provided dress code guides with all tickets and even employs dress code “advisors” to offer gentle reminders and “appropriate” clothing for sale as you enter the gates. Royal Ascot officials have even taken to social media to school the audience on the dress code, using a clever YouTube video.

Want to read more about the high fashion of Royal Ascot? See the official 2014 Royal Ascot Style Guide.

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