Beyond Fashion Week: A Guide to Parisian Style

Beyond Fashion Week: A Guide to Parisian Style

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Paris Fashion Week may be over, but that doesn’t mean your love of Parisian style has to end. To help you get by until next year’s fashion week, check out the recently released book Paris Street Style: A Guide to Effortless Chic, where co-authors Isabella Thomas and Frédérique Veysset describe the key elements of Paris style:

Practical and Realistic – Paris style doesn’t focus on short-lived trends, but rather timeless classics like a camel color trench coat or black pencil pants paired with ballet flats and a cardigan.

Expresses Your True Self – Paris style doesn’t hide who you are like a costume, but rather embraces your inner you – hmm….or maybe your inner French girl?

Leverages an Accessory – Whether it’s a gorgeous scarf inherited from your favorite aunt, a killer pair of black sunglasses, or an authentic Louis Vuitton bag you purchased after months of saving – one perfect accessory is worth a thousand words.

Keeps it Au Naturale – Perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect makeup…..looking too “done” is never a good thing.

Everything in Moderation – A Parisian has no need (or space) for a walk-in closet full of clothes. Her style may include a handful of signature pieces – such as a velvet jacket or black chiffon dress –  from her favorite brands, complemented with several fashion staples, ie. neutral t-shirts and cam is, and a great pair of jeans.


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