Black-Tie Optional

Black-Tie Optional

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Bonjour Everyone!

I am headed to beautiful Baltimore in just a few days where I will be attending a black-tie optional Gala (ooh la la!). I would love to report that the Gala event is in celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, but alas, it is not. Nonetheless, it is a fancy fundraising affair, and you know what that means? Dress shopping! I honestly have not been shopping for formal attire in over a decade (think sorority formals followed by weddings). Because of this, everything I have in my closet that could be considered formal is either a) meant for a bridesmaid, or b) looks like it’s 10 years old!

Ironically, in doing some research for formal dresses, I came across a story about the Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and how the Victoria and Albert Museum is featuring an exhibit dedicated to ballgowns from 1950 to today. What I wouldn’t give to see that exhibit! This is actually very similar to a V&A exhibit I saw years ago on British fashion through the ages – what a fantastic exhibit that I was very fortunate to see during one of its very last weeks on display.

Despite my pure excitement over the new exhibit, I became acutely aware that I….

  1. Would never be able to afford anything remotely as glamorous as the dresses they showed;
  2. Only had 4 shopping days to find my own fancy, schmancy ballgown; and
  3. Spend waaay too much time dreaming about life in other countries and not enough time visiting them.

Well, regarding point #3, stayed tuned – this Bistro Chic girl is headed out the country very soon!

Back to dress shopping.


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