British Women or "Bag Ladies"

British Women or "Bag Ladies"

British women mean business when it comes to their handbags. A recent  survey (as reported in the Daily Mail) revealed that the average 30-year old women in Britain has an average of 21 handbags/purses, and buys a new one every three months. That’s an average of 111 handbags owned in one lifetime! 
Some fashionistas are calling this Sienna Miller Syndrome, named after the starlet who is known for expensive arm candy (and much of it). It turns out, that most of our female friends across the pond use the same three purses on a regular basis. Then what do they use the other 18 for? They keep these “spares” in a reachable place, for those “just in case” times. Just in case what? Just in case you need 18 other bags to choose from, I guess.

But for British women, it’s not just the bag, but what’s in it that counts.  A separate survey found that the average British woman’s handbag and its contents are worth over $1,200, yet the handbag itself is only worth an average of $100. So, what the hell are these British bag ladies carrying that is worth so much? Let’s take a peek:

What you might find in a British woman’s handbag….

Handbag = $71.75
Wallet = $41.77
Wallet contents = $69.85
Mobile phone = $139.27
Car keys = $278.49
House keys = $348.11
Make up = $69.63
Umbrella = $13.93
Book = $5.57
Sunglasses = $139.27
Leather diary = $30.64
Notepad = $5.57
Pencil case 
and pens
= $13.94
TOTAL = $1,227.79

Similar to British women, the contents of my bag are worth considerably more than the amount of my actual bag – and that’s saying a lot considering it’s a Coach purse. Even still, the average worth of the purses in my collection is $175, more than double the worth of an average British purse. That must be why I only have seven purses in my collection. Hmmm, maybe it’s time to go purse shopping.

What’s in my purse today? Let’s see how this American girl’s bag measures up: 

Coach purse = $350
Car keys = $200
Ipod Nano = $150
Cell phone = $150
Wallet = $30
Gift cards = $40
Sunglasses = $20
Lipstick = $12
Notebook = $2
Lip balm = $2
Hand cream = $2
Hand sanitizer = $2
Pain reliever = $6
TOTAL = $996.00

Surprisingly, even with $1,200 slung on their arms, more than half of British women surveyed admitted losing their handbag one or more times. Ladies, it doesn’t matter if you have 11 or 111 purses at your disposal, each one serves a special purpose, so keep an eye on those bags, not to mention, their contents!

How does your bag and its contents measure up?


  1. Great Post! I never thought about how much money that I’m carrying on my arm. My purse is considerably bigger, and I have all sorts of kids toys, diapers, a leather-bound dayplanner, cash, I’ve probably got over $2200 on my arm.

    Now, I know why purse snatching and pick-pockets are popular especially in down economic times.

    Can’t wait to see your next insight into my daily life.

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