3 Steps to Timeless French Beauty

3 Steps to Timeless French Beauty

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It’s hardly a secret that French women are regarded as some of the most natural beauties in the world. From the time they are born, French women learn that personal appearance is something you should never neglect. Girls in France learn about the importance of beauty and, most importantly, beauty rituals from their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins – it seems every woman in the family gets in on the education when it comes to beauty. And it’s not about contests, pagents, or even comparing yourself to supermodels. French women believe that beauty and taking care of one’s beauty are essential to life and what make you who you are.

This mindset has helped most French women age gracefully, year after year, and decade after decade. Just look at French celebrities Juliette Binoche, 46, Audrey Tautou, 35, and France’s first lady, Carla Bruni, 43. Although far from being considered “young” at least by American standards, they are seen as three of the sexiest French women, and all are over age 35! These are just three examples of how French women seem to defy age and look effortlessly beautiful.

So, have French women discovered the Fountain of Youth? Well, not exactly. Last week, the New York Times reported 10 ways to age like a French woman. However, I think the secret to a French woman’s beauty is based on 3 key elements:

3 Steps to Timeless French Beauty

Maintain a Healthy Weight French women may eat rich, creamy sauces and decadent desserts, but it never shows. Of course, they compensate by taking smaller portions and walking everywhere they go. As a result, most French women will maintain a relatively healthy weight their whole lives. This is key because significant weight losses and gains (ie.  yo-yo dieting) can wreak havoc on the skin and overall appearance – something American women know all too well.

Pamper Your Face and Skin According to a 2008 Mintel report, French women spend about $2.2 billion Euros a year on facial skin care – as much as Spanish, German, and British women put together. And the importance of skin care starts well before the first wrinkle. Mintel also reports that 33% of French girls between 15 and 19 already use anti-aging and wrinkle creams. And this quest for ageless looking skin continues throughout life. They are notorious for trying any and every face cream if there is a promise of younger, more beautiful looking skin. Aside from facial creams, they also shy away from harsh soaps that can damage skin. And when it comes to make-up, less is definitely more. The idea is to play up your best features and look as natural as possible. Besides, when you have great skin, who really needs make-up?

Love Yourself Although they may spend millions on skin care each year, French women know that beauty is not skin deep. Obviously, not every French woman is gorgeous or glamorous, but most will carry themselves accordingly, giving the impression, and sometimes elusion, of beauty, elegance, and grace. In other words, French women have the self-confidence and self-love to make whatever God has give them work to their utmost advantage.


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