Anti-Aging Secrets of French Women

Anti-Aging Secrets of French Women

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French women are known to age gracefully; some may say they never seem to age at all. But how do they manage to remain beautiful and ageless despite the stressors of life, not to mention Father Time? Books and magazines have chronicled this mystery of the never-aging French woman, but her secret is more attainable than you think.

A recent article simplifies a French woman’s anti-aging ability, noting that she follows a few key principles:

A French woman…

  • Pampers herself – From long showers to hot bubble baths – from head to toe, she doesn’t miss one luxurious spot.
  • Remains confident – Whether or not she is really seen as beautiful by others, she truly believes that she is strong, unique, and beautiful.
  • Has style – Instead of fad fashions that come and go with the seasons, she invests in timeless pieces that are always in style.
  • Embraces her age – A French woman may seem to prolong the aging process (as seen by her outward appearance), but she also welcomes the beauty and wisdom that age brings.
  • Walks – Forgoing the gym and home equipment, a French woman exercises in the most natural way possible – she simply walks nearly everywhere she goes.
  • Watches her weight – Although she is not known to “diet”, a French woman does control her portion sizes, rarely snacking and never eating to excess.
  • Experiences a life of love  – From family, to friends, to significant others, she surrounds herself with people she loves and who love her in return.

Simply put….French women take care of themselves, starting at a young age, nurturing their bodies, spirit, and their self-esteem.

What is your anti-aging secret?


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