All You Need Are 3 Perfect Lipsticks

All You Need Are 3 Perfect Lipsticks

Good morning everyone! Wow – what a hot one today! Even at 5:30 AM it was nearly 80 degrees outside. After my 4-mile run, I really needed to refuel with plenty of H2O and reload with some protein (thank you Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt!)

Trader Joe's Vanilla Greek Yogurt - a super energizing breakfast!

Trader Joe's Vanilla Greek Yogurt - a super energizing breakfast!

One thing great about getting up so early to run (other than beating the heat) is that there are very few people outside milling about. I never have to worry about my hair or if I’m wearing make up. I only ever see the occasional dog walker or a sleepy-eyed husband picking up the morning paper from the end of the driveway. It works out great because I can really concentrate on my run and not have to worry about how I look – like I used to do when I would go to the gym for a workout. 

Makeup is not something I’m usually concerned about. Like many European women, particularly French women, I prefer subtle make up, or if I can get away with it in the summer, no make up at all. But one thing I do love to wear is lipstick. No matter how tired I look or feel in the morning, lipstick provides an almost automatic facelift – especially when you pair it with bright white teeth (love those Crest White Strips!).

The lipstick you wear says a lot about the woman you are...

Lipstick - an instant facelift


Author Helena Frith Powell in her book All You Need to Be Impossibly French, bluntly states that to be more French all you need are two lipsticks (and a lover). She explains that one lipstick is for everyday wear and that the second is for nighttime or those occasions when you really want to vamp it up. But I wonder – but about those in between times when it’s more than just a normal day, but not a special enough day to bring out the big guns – or tubes in this case.

The average women owns five shades of lipstick.

The average women owns five shades of lipstick. Here's a peak at a few of mine!

Just a few years ago, you could have counted at least a dozen lipsticks in my makeup bag. But, when cleaning out my makeup one day, I wondered why I had all of those lipsticks. They were mostly freebies from Clinique or other department store beauty counters.

When I really thought about it, I only used one on a daily basis – this is my “go to” or signature lipstick (Aveda’s Golden Bixa). Yet, there was one that I also used on weekends and special occasions like parties, holidays, and fancy vacations. Still, a third lipstick I saved for occasions where I really wanted or need to stand out, ie. going to a fancy gala or to a posh wedding.

Aveda's Golden Bixa - My "Go To" lip shade

Aveda's Golden Bixa

So, in a way, two lipsticks are sufficient, but having three really perfect lipsticks is even better. With three perfect lipsticks, you know that you’re always prepared for whatever the day may throw your way.


Although owning 3 lipsticks in three different shades is important, having the right shades of lipstick for your face or your look is equally as important. I’ve been through many different lipstick and liptint shades before I found one that I liked and felt looked well with my thin lips and slightly freckled complexion.

And, it pays to be picky about lip shades. According to a recent survey by British online beauty store Vie at Home, what shade lipstick you wear may have a significant effect on your attitude, mood, and possibly love life and career success. The poll found that of the 3,000 women surveyed, women owned an average of 5 lipsticks, but only carried one in her purse. The survey also found that:

  • Nearly 70% of women admitted to keeping several lipsticks on hand in order to adapt to their changing mood or to initiate a mood change. 
  • One in four women said they turned to deep red shades if they wanted to feel sexy, while another quarter applied a pale pink lipstick when they are feeling happy.
  • Almost half would rely on a bright red to get noticed, while 24 per cent would rely on a deep red shade if they wanted to feel sexy.
  • Two thirds of women also turn to dark shades in the evening after sticking to a more neutral colour during the day.


Like many women, I am very picky about lipstick shades, not wanting the shade to send the wrong or inappropriate message – especially at work. According to the Vie at Home survey, lipstick shades really say quite a bit about the women who wear them. 

They found that women who wear specific shades of lipstick, radiate certain personality characteristics. So, if you want to send a certain message to the world – try one of these shades:

Self confidence

  • Deep or Bright red
  • Fuchsia
  • dark plum

Great Love Life

  • Pale pink
  • Coral
  • Bright red


  • Pale pink
  • Sheer
  • Deep red
  • Peach

Success in Career

  • Bright red
  • Dark plum
  • Fuchsia
  • Coral

The next time you invest in a new shade of lipstick, choose wisely! Have a great day and remember to wear your favorite lipstick!




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