Travel Inspirations: Reading, Writing, and Wine Drinking

Travel Inspirations: Reading, Writing, and Wine Drinking

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This morning, I left for Ft. Lauderdale –  the first of at least 10 trips I will be taking this year. Although I will only be gone for 2 days, trips like these inspire me in so many ways. They inspire me to write – hence the traveling writing that I do. They inspire me to eat great food and drink wine – that’s a whole different story! And, they inspire me read. From magazines, to books, to newspapers, travel seems to give me the time to read that I don’t often have at home.

So, for the next few months, I will be soliciting ideas from Bistro Chic readers for books to read during my travels. Book topics could include French or European-inspired nonfiction, self-help, beauty/fashion, fun and/or classic fiction – you get the idea.

For starters, here are books on my travel-reading wish list:

Have an idea for a Bistro Chic-esque book? Send it my way!


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