British Flirt Their Way Up the Corporate Ladder

British Flirt Their Way Up the Corporate Ladder

British women

Leave it to Bridget Jones to do something drastic to get the boss’ attention…and I don’t mean keeping a diary. Like the fictitious character, many British women sleep with their bosses, but several new studies reveal that British workers will do this to actually get ahead at the office.

In tough economic times, it is not unheard of for workers to resort to unorthodox tactics to score a raise, promotion, or even extra perks at work. But recent studies suggest that British workers would rather “earn” their promotion by proving their skills as lovers rather than workers. Just last week, a study by the UK recruitment scoring group, HireScores, found that 1 in 5 British workers would sleep with their boss, while 1 in 4 would kiss their boss, all for a quick promotion. A similar 2008 survey found that 1 in 5 British would flirt with the boss to get the same.

Although the study found that men were more willing than women to use their charm to advance their careers, women are no strangers to using their looks to get what they want at work. Earlier this year, a study by fashion forum Web site,, found that British women are willing to dress provocatively at the office in hopes of climbing the corporate ladder. The study showed that 27% of those surveyed would wear a “risky” outfit to work if it meant that they had a better chance for a raise or promotion and 20% revealed that they use this tactic on a regular basis.

But all British workers are not without scruples. Nearly 40% of British workers surveyed reported that they would work their way up the corporate ladder by working hard, long hours with no guarantee of a promotion or raise.

How far would you go for a raise or promotion?

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