What people eat for New Year’s Eve in 21 countries around the world

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America’s Best Towns for the Holidays

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11 Last-Minute Holiday Travel Deals

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The 10 “It” Destinations for 2017

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In Photos: Queen Elizabeth Through the Years

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French study finds wine tastes better with cheese

French study finds wine tastes better with cheese

Wine tastes better with cheese? Surprising that French researchers felt they needed to verify this via a scientific study..... Munching a chunk of cheese with that cheeky glass of Sancerre could actually enhance its flavour. A recent French study has found that wine actually tastes better when Continue reading

8 Cities In Living Color

A lot of cities have no color, or small concentrated pockets of color, but these 8 are all-around masterpieces Source: 8 Most Colorful Cities in the World Continue reading

Under-the-Radar Things to Do in New Orleans

Heading to NOLA this coming week....right in the middle of VooDoo Fest! Although having an authentic beignet in the French Quarter is definately on my not-to-miss list, venturing off the voodoo path could be a real treat. If you're ready to skip beignets and the French Quarter, check out our Continue reading

Canadian alternatives to popular travel destinations 

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25 Things to Eat in France Before You Die

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7 Popular International  Travel Destinations (And Where to Go Instead)

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French Makeup Secrets

French Makeup Secrets

For the last time: French women don't wear makeup. Source: Isabel Marant Shares Her Best French Girl Beauty Tip - French Makeup Secrets From Model   Continue reading