10 Best International Cities to Visit This Summer

Looking to get away this summer? Try one of these international destinations. Travelers are putting Rome, London, and Vancouver at the the top of their itineraries, AAA found in a study using data from its summer travel bookings. Source: 10 Best International Cities to Visit This Summer Continue reading

Top 10 European hidden gems that are definitely worth a visit

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25 Photos of the Amalfi Coast That Will Spark Your Wanderlust

These images of the Amalfi Coast are breathtaking....I was there 8 months ago today and remember the feeling like it was yesterday. Easily one of Italy's most famed destinations, the 31-mile stretch of beautiful blue views has graced countless Instagram feeds. Source: 25 Photos of the Amalfi Coast Continue reading

The 7 Best Things You’ll Learn From Traveling Abroad

  Going abroad will teach you about the world and about yourself! Don't be afraid to try new things—it's the best part of life! Source: The 7 Best Things You'll Learn From Traveling Abroad Continue reading

European Villages Straight Out of a Fairytale

Europe, often referred to as the Old Continent, undeniably attracts the bulk of the tourists visiting every year with its rich history and famous cities. When you plan your next vacation, consider exploring Europe’s secret off the beaten path gems. It will be a worthwhile and unique Continue reading

10 Italian destinations frequented by the super rich

I may not be one of the super rich mentioned in this story, but I do agree that these Italian destinations are uber luxurious and worth every penny you spend to get there. Renowned for its grand old architecture, beautiful scenery, and world-class cuisine, Italy has become one of the best countries Continue reading

Picture Perfect Paris:Then and Now

A new photo book containing 80 images of modern Parisian streets overlaid with vintage photographs reveals what the French capital was like over 100 years ago. Source: THEN AND NOW: These photos show famous scenes of Paris from the 1900s and today Continue reading

Amazing Places Where Your Dollar Goes Further This Year

Longing for a trip across the pond but short on funds to get you there? Consider Australia, Poland or multiple countries in Western Europe where you can stretch your budget a little further. This is a good year to be a budget traveler — now is an exceptional time to take advantage of the strong Continue reading

Disney Memories

As a Disney World College Program Alum, Disney has held a special place in my heart for many years. You can't wear a Jungle Cruise hat and tell bad jokes for a summer without a longing to return. As a parent, going to Disney World with my children is an amazing and magical time. Through sticky Continue reading

Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Travel Lovers

Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Travel Lovers

Having trouble finding the right holiday gift for a frequent traveler? Sometimes, smaller is better (except when it comes to hotel bathrooms and your leg room on a plane). Take a look at these small but mighty stocking stuffers perfect for savvy travelers. And don't forget to pick up a little Continue reading

The 7 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Europe

Can you guess the 7 most popular travel destinations? Hint...I've been fortunate enough to have visited 2 in the last 12 months! Europe has its fair share of famous attractions, but only one can be crowned "most popular." At the recent 22nd annual World Travel Awards (a.k.a. the "Oscars of the Continue reading

The 25 Best Museums In The World

I love that I've already visited 7 of the 25 best museums in the world! Only 18 more to go! Whether you're a purveyor of fine art or you prefer arts and crafts, these museums are sure to take your breath away. Source: The 25 Best Museums In The World Continue reading