Top 10 Travel Selfies to Take in France

Top 10 Travel Selfies to Take in France

French Cafe 2014

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Selfies are the latest craze on social media. From Ellen at the Oscars, to President Obama and now, the Pope – everyone is taking a selfie and, of course, posting it on Instagram, Twitter, and more. It’s no surprise that travel enthusiasts are also embracing this phenomenon, using selfies as the new travel photos. Travel selfies often include a rather large portrait of the photo-taker in front of a breathtaking scene like the Yosemite, in a famous city like New  York, or in front of a famous site like Big Ben in London. Such photos say more about the person than about the place. It’s as if the photo-taker is making the statement “I was there and I have the selfie to prove it.”

Travel and Leisure recently posted the 25 Selfies You Have to Take This Year, many of which involve traveling to foreign lands. Oddly enough, none of the destinations included France. And because France is definitely on my travel itinerary this year, I’ve decided to make my own list of travel selfies to collect – all from France. Take a look:

Top 10 Travel Selfies to Take in France

  1. Enjoying my favorite French cookie – la macaron – in front of a premier patisserie
  2. Sipping a glass of Champagne in the Champagne region
  3. Riding on a bicycle with a loaf of bread in the front basket
  4. Sitting in a cafe in the morning with an espresso and a croissant
  5. Toasting with a glass of wine on the le Seine River
  6. Selecting fresh cheese at an open-air market
  7. Smiling near the Eiffel Tower
  8. Browsing historic art at La Louvre
  9. Riding a train through the French countryside
  10. Smelling flowers in the gardens of Versailles

Yes, many paint the stereotypical view of France, but really, that’s what makes them so fun!






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