The Flirtatious Spanish Women

11.11.10 flamenco dancer

(photo source) Spain may be known for Gaudi, tapas, and the flamenco, but the once Franco-repressed country now has a new title to boast about. A recent survey by social networking site Badoo found that Spanish women are the most flirtatious in the world. Badoo surveyed 90 million users in 240 … [Read more...]

Is She French? Check Her Nightstand!

Savor soap

(Photo source) How can you tell the difference between an American woman and a French woman? Aside from the accent, just look on her nightstand. If a woman has more than 3 facial creams in her bathroom or on her nightstand, she may very well be French, or at least be very in touch with her inner … [Read more...]

The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing…

(Photo Source) A few years ago when Scott and I were traveling around Europe, we had the extreme delight of spending a week in and around Barcelona, an area known as Catalunya. On our last evening in the city, just before dusk, Scott and I were wandering the streets. We were taking in the last few … [Read more...]