French Women Saying "Non" to Beach Nudity

French Women Saying "Non" to Beach Nudity

Although many a tourist have blushed at the site of a topless woman in the French Riviera, a new survey shows that young French women are having second thoughts about beach nudity.

Conservative young French women are covering up at the beach.

Conservative young French women are covering up at the beach.

In the 70s and 80s, it was quite common to see French women baring all, or at least half, of their bodies on the beach. But, times have changed. These women have grown and have left the topless sunbathing to the younger generation – their daughters and granddaughters. But these days, younger women are taking a lesson from Aunt Prudie and covering up – and not just on the beach.

As reported in TIME, baring your breasts in France has almost become too trendy. And French women, never wanting to be seen as trendy, are opting for a more classic look that keeps their bathing suit tops on.

A survey titled “Women and Nudity” found that, among younger French women, a whopping 88% actually consider themselves modest, with the majority of them covering up around their own children and other women.


Not only do they have a problem with their own nudity, but they have strong opinions about public nudity. Nearly 50% said they were bothered by total nudity on beaches or naturist camps, and 37% said they were disturbed by publicly exposed breasts or backsides. 

So, if you’re headed to the French Riviera and hope to check out a few topless bathing beauties on the beach, you might be out of luck. But then again, some reports say that older French ladies are still willing to throw caution (and their tops) to the wind, but, honestly, who really wants to see that?


  1. Who really wants to see that?

    I do.

    Grandpa John

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