The Lost Art of Postcard Correspondence

6.9.11 Postcard

(Photo source) When I travel, I try to send postcards home whenever I can. Of course I know email is faster and texting is instant, but there is something to be said about sending a postcard to a friend or loved one. It suggests a bit of vintage charm and old school thoughtfulness that are often … [Read more...]

The Next Best Thing To Traveling to Europe

6.6.11 Caramels

(Photo Source) Two friends of mine recently came back from trips to Europe. A woman from work spent 10 days traveling in England and France with her husband, while another friend was in Germany and Austria with her family. I, of course, was not jealous of their extreme good fortune (ok, maybe a … [Read more...]

Charming Baltimore

5.23.11 Preakness Baltimore

This morning at work, I mentioned to a colleague that I just spent the weekend in Baltimore. He replied, "that sounds about as exciting as saying you went to Jersey."  On the contrary, I felt that Baltimore had a lot to offer, even to a seasoned traveler. I, of course, had the great fortune of being … [Read more...]