Starbucks to open high-end Roastery in Italy

It marks Starbucks' entry into the Italian market where its founder drew inspiration. Source: Starbucks to open high-end Roastery in Italy Continue reading

What’s In A Name? Your Coffee, Deconstructed 

With names like Cafe Au Lait, Espresso, Latte and Flat White, coffee hasn't been "coffee" in years. But ever wonder how these fancy coffees compare....and where your favorite joe fits in? Check out the secret coffee decoder below: Quick: What’s the difference between an Americano and a cortado? Continue reading

What people eat for New Year’s Eve in 21 countries around the world

I have always been intrigued by what other cultures eat, especially around the holidays. Although I'm familiar with some of the traditional Holiday foods enjoyed around the world, I never realized there were so many food traditions associated with the New Year. Take a look at just a few of these Continue reading

French study finds wine tastes better with cheese

French study finds wine tastes better with cheese

Wine tastes better with cheese? Surprising that French researchers felt they needed to verify this via a scientific study..... Munching a chunk of cheese with that cheeky glass of Sancerre could actually enhance its flavour. A recent French study has found that wine actually tastes better when Continue reading

25 Things to Eat in France Before You Die

Love, love, love these visual reminders of France's amazing cuisine. Can't wait to try these again (err...most of them) in March. Although le macaron would be at the top of my list. France is an impressive country. From the Eiffel Tower to its beautiful language, it has much to offer. But aside Continue reading

The Best Italian Imports Stateside

Can't get to Italy this fall? Try a few of these Italian imports to satisfy your craving. Source: #EatChic: The Best Italian Imports to Buy Stateside Continue reading

10 Best International Cities for Food 

  Source: The Best International Cities for Food (10 photos) Continue reading

Dinner Around the World

The last meal of the day is usually a comforting one that allows us to catch up with family and friends and gives us enough sustenance to get through the night. Here are some of the typical dishes different nations around the globe eat at home in the evening. Source: What dinner looks like around Continue reading

The Most Over-The-Top Starbucks Around The World

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10 Healthiest Breakfasts Around the World

10 Healthiest Breakfasts Around the World

If you think the rest of the world is just sucking down cigs and croissants for breakfast, you're sadly mistaken. Take a cue from these countries' better-for-you choices—and get your 'Merica on by welcoming the following healthy breakfast ideas into your life. Source: Breakfast Around the World: 10 Continue reading

Starbucks Enters Italian Market

Starbucks Enters Italian Market

One of the many things I admired about Italy when I visited a few months ago, was how serious the Italians are in regards to their coffee. Despite my best efforts the blend with the coffee loving locals, I managed to stick out like any Starbucks drinking American....and it was all in the way I Continue reading

Dreaming of Italy, One Cafe at a Time

One of the things I miss most about France and Italy is the amazing coffee or cafe. Americans may have a Starbucks on every other corner, but there's nothing like sipping a creamy and slightly sweet cafe latte while overlooking the coastal waters in Positano, watching the boats pull into port. Like Continue reading