Say Cheese With a Do-It-Yourself Facial

Cheese - in the food world, it goes with just about everything. There's wine and cheese, cheese and chocolate, cheese and crackers - you get the picture. But cheese and facials? Hmm...that's a new one. Actually, cheese has become increasingly popular as an ingredient in do-it-yourself beauty … [Read more...]

Not Your Grandmother's Masterpiece Theatre

I attended graduate school at a state university located in a fairly rural town. By the time I starting working on my thesis, most of my college friends from undergrad and even grad school had moved on. So, I was left on my own grasping for things to do in such as small town.  Although I had a nice … [Read more...]

When It Comes To Wine, Less Is More

Nearly a year ago, I posted an article about how the French government was encouraging its citizens to stop drinking wine. This unprecedented call to action was prompted by new research showing that daily wine intake was linked to several cancers. Now, scientists are saying that consuming wine, … [Read more...]